Pennsylvanians have 2.2 million reasons to be happy! That’s how many acres of state forest land we have in this great state. The trees that fill those forests offer us unparalleled scenic beauty and biological diversity to our state, but not only that they make us happy! It’s true. Here are all the reasons you can get happy with trees!

Trees Reduce Stress

One of the biggest benefits of tree exposure is that it seems to help decrease stress and anxiety. It’s a scientific fact! In a recent study conducted in Japan, participants reported on their moods after walking for 15 minutes, either in an urban setting or in a forest. The forests and urban centers were in 52 different locations around the country, and about a dozen participants walked in each area. In all cases, the participants walking in a forest experienced less anxiety, hostility, fatigue, confusion, and depressive symptoms, and more vigor, compared to walking in an urban setting. The results were even stronger for more anxious people. 

Kids Love ‘Em

Did you know that trees and nature have been shown to enhance childhood development? In Scandinavia, they have implemented forest schools, where preschoolers learn and play in forests and natural environments, which help kids to develop physical, social, emotional, and personal skills. For big kids, climbing trees and exploring natural environments help to develop problem-solving and risk-management skills, boosts confidence, and improves physical dexterity.

Here’s to Your Health

Happiness and health go hand-in-hand. Trees produce oxygen, intercept airborne particulates, and reduce smog, enhancing your respiratory health. Plus, access to trees, green spaces, and parks promotes greater physical activity, slows heartbeats, lowers blood pressure, and relaxes brain wave patterns. What more can we say than plant two trees, and call us in the morning?

Giving Something Back

With all the happiness trees give us it’s nice to give back to them.  Natural based care can keep your trees and whole yard happy. Treating diseases caused by insects or bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean having to spray down your area with pesticides. Most times, there are healthier solutions such as horticultural oils, insecticidal soaps, and organic insecticides. These products are safer and often more effective than chemicals.  And what better way to remove insects from your plants than with other insects? Nature has done our job for us when it created biological predators that feed on other insects instead of your plants. Insects like ladybirds and predatory mites are an efficient method when it comes to getting rid of the pests that are creating damage to your plants.

If your tree seems to be in less than stellar health, it might be time to give it a little TLC. From pruning to fertilizing we can help ensure your trees (and all of your landscape) have a clean bill of health. With Good’s Tree and Lawn Care, you can have a yard that’s as happy as it is attractive.