Protect your landscape investment with our Plant Health Care Programs.

Good’s Tree and Lawn Care offers several plant health care services to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. Do you have a home orchard?  These services will help in fruit production too!  Here’s how we can help:

Plant HealthInsect and Disease Inspections and Management Programs

Our plant health care technicians will keep your landscape safe from threats of disease, and pests.  They will find the right method of treatment and provide a plan to keep your plants healthy and thriving. Learn more here.

Plant HealthTargeted Pest Treatments

Our treatment programs target the most invasive of species that inhibit the health of your plants. Learn more here.

Plant HealthNutrient Management

The natural elements required to keep your plants healthy and stimulate growth can sometimes use a little help.  We will create a plan, and manage the results to give your landscape the treatment it deserves. Learn more here.

Plant HealthProper Pruning

Your trees and plants require regular pruning to stimulate growth.  We utilize ANSI A300 standards when pruning to help your landscape thrive. Learn more here.


Healthy Plant Checklist

  • Are the plants and shrubs in your landscape healthy?
  • Are they growing?
  • Are they flowering?
  • Do they look full?
  • Is their color vibrant?

If you feel doubt to any of these questions, we can help!

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