Many gardeners have felt the tension between protecting the environment and maintaining a green, weed-free yard. With limited time to devote to our green space, containers of unpronounceable, often toxic chemicals offering quick fixes may seem like the easy way out. But those chemicals are neither environmentally-friendly nor biodegradable and their short-term results are gained at the expense of long-term soil and lawn health. Chemical runoff threatens the quality of nearby bodies of water, and chemicals in your yard may be absorbed by children and pets. Fortunately, natural and effective alternatives are abundant. Good’s Tree and Lawn Care has compiled some organic and naturally based care tips for your yard. 

  • Use Natural Products- Treating tree and shrub diseases caused by insects or bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean having to spray down your area with pesticides. Most times, there are healthier solutions such as horticultural oils, insecticidal soaps, and organic insecticides. These products are safer and often more effective than chemicals.  
  • Fight Fire With Fire- What better way to remove insects from your plants than with other insects? Nature has done our job for us when it created biological predators that feed on other insects instead of your plants. Insects like ladybirds and predatory mites are an efficient method when it comes to getting rid of the pests that are creating damage to your plants. 
  • Old Fashioned Gardening- There’s nothing more satisfying than a good day of gardening. The simple methods of watering, weeding, and planting  by hand are the safest and least expensive way to keep your garden looking beautifully maintained.  

The rule of thumb for your green thumb should be to choose a method that’s right for you and your outdoor space. With these tips and with services offered through Good’s Tree and Lawn Care, you can have a yard that’s as healthy as it is attractive.