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At Good’s Tree and Lawn Care, we are proud to be an accredited, fully insured professional company that services South Central Pennsylvania. Check out our services below!

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Answers to Your Top Tree Pruning Questions

The number one way to keep a tree healthy is by pruning. Pruning is the selective removal of parts of a tree in order to shape the tree, improve tree health, and reduce the risk of falling branches. Why is pruning important? Pruning provides both cosmetic and...

All About Aphids

Aphids are soft-bodied insects that use their piercing sucking mouth-parts to feed on plant sap. As they feed, aphids secrete large amounts of a sticky fluid known as honeydew. This sweet syrup-like substance drips onto plants, attracting ants and promoting a black...

The Essentials of Weed Control

Weeds are the number one problem when it comes to keeping your lawn attractive. Unfortunately, there’s not one miracle cure for this common problem. Since every weed is different, different forms of treatment must be applied and underlying causes may need to be...

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Our yard looks so beautiful! Your staff was excellent.

Sandy C.

We were very pleased with the job done. Your crew was courteous, efficient and pleasant. We would use your company again and also recommend you.

Rick H.

Thank you for the fantastic service to our beloved old oak, your arborists are an amazing bunch.

Maria B.

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