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Good's Tree Care

Good's Tree Care provides quality tree and shrub care services and programs throughout the Central Pennsylvania area.  Good's works in all 8 of the Central Pennsylvania counties.

Our services include a complete Plant Health Care program, tree pruning and tree removal services, specialty services, tree root health services, and complete tree consultation programs. All our programs and services are performed to the highest standards and comply with ANSI A-300 guidelines.  All crews are EHAP certified as well.

Our Tree Care Team includes Certified Arborists, Board Certified Master Arborists, Registered Consulting Arborists, Certified Professional Horticulturists, Certified Tree Workers and Licensed Pesticide Applicators. 

The tree care team at Good's is committed to working safe, providing the best care to you landscape plants and, working in a professional manner.  Good’s Tree Care is committed to providing the most up-to-date training and support the industry offers.

Meet Our Sales Team 

From left to right, Matthew Seewald, Tony Kyler, Jon Schach, Aaron Shippling, Bob Good


Featured Employee

Meet Jon

One of Good's Certified Arborists.  Jon got his start in urban forestry in 1995 working as a ground man for a small tree care company in his hometown near Reading, after a stint as a wildland fire fighter in the northern Rockies.  Jon earned a bachelor's degree in biology from Penn State and a master's degree in environmental studies from Antioch University, New Hampshire.

His time with Good's Tree Care began in a role as a production climber, then sales representative and consultant.  Jon is now an ISA Board Certified Arborist and a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor.

When Jon isn't working in trees, or sharing trees with others, he enjoys time with his family, and otherwise obsessing over trees.

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