We all know a healthy lawn requires some maintenance. But do you know that maintenance is year-round? While you may think your lawn doesn’t need much in the fall, we are here to prove you wrong. Fall is an important time for lawn care. Your fall maintenance to-do list starts here with our ultimate list of everything you will need to do to get your lawn I the fall. ?

Water and Mow

Yep, your lawn may still need water and mowing throughout the fall. If you raised the height of your lawnmower in summer, be sure to return the mower deck to its normal mowing height (about 2 inches tall is best for most grasses). This shorter height will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, and there will be less of it to turn brown during the winter.

Rake those Leaves

We know, raking leaves is usually not anyone’s idea of fun. Unfortunately, it is definitely a necessary chore. A coating of leaves, combined with rain and morning dew can form an impenetrable layer that will suffocate the grass and lead to fungal diseases. Be sure to remove fallen leaves from your lawn as soon as possible. You might also consider mulching them with a lawnmower fitted with a collection bag.

Don’t Wait, Aerate!

Aeration, as a rule, should be done every other season, usually in Fall. The benefits of aeration are substantial. It improves air exchange in the soil, enhances fertilizer and water uptake, reduces soil compaction, helps grass plants produce a healthier root system and reduces thatch build-up. 

Give it a Feeding

Fall is one of the best times to fertilize your lawn. Grass leaves grow much slower in the cooler weather, but the grass roots and rhizomes continue to grow quickly. The fertilizer will deliver essential nutrients that help grow deep roots and give them a nutrient reserve for a healthy spring start.

Take Care of Patches

Early fall is also a great time to reseed any small dead or thinning patches. This will prevent weed growth and help the young seedlings establish before the stressful hot weather of summer arrives.

If you are in our neck of the woods, the Good’s lawn care team of licensed technicians offer professional services to residential and commercial properties to help keep your lawn healthy, green and weed-free throughout the season. We will suggest a lawn care program to help with fertilization, weed and grub control, and aeration that exceeds your expectations.