Our modern landscape, whether suburban, rural, or urban, is criss-crossed with power lines. They provide essential utilities for our homes and businesses and largely go unnoticed… until they’re touching the trees in our yards and creating a less than safe environment for our families and our properties.

When a tree bumps a power line it can burn, making the tree vulnerable to conducting electricity. Trees can inflict their own damage on power lines as well. During storms, trees can bring down power lines, causing power outages.

When trees and power lines are in conflict, Good’s Tree and Lawn Care can provide you with a solution. Our highly-trained team can make precise trims in your tree to keep it away from infringing power lines. We’ll even take care of clearing this work with utility providers if necessary.

Pruning is a cost-effective and proactive way to avoid a tangle altogether. One of our certified arborists can inspect the proximity of the tree to the lines and come up with the best pruning solution for you. Good’s Tree and Lawn Care can prune the branches growing towards the power lines and redirect them. This solution can help prevent emergency situations and eliminates the need to involve utility providers.

You can have it all… at least when it comes to nature and electricity. You don’t have to choose between having trees and keeping power flowing into your home and Good’s Tree and Lawn Care will help you make it work.