Building or renovating a home opens the door to exciting opportunities- the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, the perfect master bathroom, an inviting front porch. Whether you’re breaking ground on new construction or adding on to your existing home, don’t forget to consider the existing trees on your property. If proper care is not taken through some easy preparation, the consequences may put a damper in your dream home. Construction that occurs near trees may damages roots, soil, and the trunk of the trees. Once damage is done, it can become irreversible, leading to the death of the tree. Here are few factors to consider:

  • Removing a dead tree can cost thousands of dollars, especially if close to structures or electrical lines. Loss of aesthetic appeal. You may lose up to $10,000 of property value with the removal of one mature tree.
  • The shade and wind shield provided by a tree can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 15%. Losing a mature tree may increase your energy costs.
  • Trees benefit the environment and our own personal health.

Good’s Tree and Lawn Care provides all of the services necessary to protect trees during construction. Your Tree Preservation Plan may include:

  • Root Preparation- Pruning may be required before construction to ensure that the roots of the tree won’t be torn or damaged due to the construction.
  • Tree Preservation Fencing- Fencing around the tree area will warn construction workers to keep themselves and their machines away from the trees.

Before you start construction, let us help make sure your property’s existing trees will be there to complement your dream home for years to come.