Here are some great tips and tricks to say goodbye to our bloodsucking uninvited guests to the party.

1. Citronella Products.

Mosquitos hate the scent of the citronella plant, and there are of plenty of options to use it: rub citronella oil on your skin,  burn a citronella candle, place a potted citronella plant on your porch, or use citronella incense coils.

2. Burn essential oils.

Lemon eucalyptus, lavender, and catnip can be mixed with water and heated over an oil burner to create a mosquito-free zone in a radius up to three feet.

3. Set out a dish of soapy water.

Mosquitos will be drawn to the water source, get trapped in the soap, and drown. Works great for outdoor eating.

4. Choose your lighting carefully.

Mosquitos are repelled by LED lights, yellow bug lights, and sodium lamps.

5. Keep your outdoor space screened.

And if it’s waterproof, it will keep out the rain as well.

6. Grow a garlic plant.

Though not scientifically proven, some believe garlic acts as a repelling barrier.  And it’s certainly more delicious than mosquitos.  Sprinkling garlic powder around your porch and patio may keep pets from being bitten in their sleep.

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