Winter is gone (we hope). Good’s Tree and Lawn Care has spent the winter season preparing for spring.  The trucks are ready, turf machines are serviced and our products have arrived. Your technician is well rested and it’s time to get to work on your lawn.

This application can set the stage on how your lawn will look for the rest of the season. We are applying a pre-emergent herbicide for annual grassy weeds such as crabgrass.  These weeds are the number one problem we as lawn care professionals have. 

Crabgrass seed from last summer/fall is lying dormant in your lawn.  It is waiting until the average ground temperature reaches 55 degrees + for 3-5 consecutive days.  Crabgrass plants that germinate in your lawn are so small they are almost invisible to the untrained eye.  Germinating crabgrass seedlings are very small and hard to detect. 

Crabgrass is very aggressive and will grow almost anywhere including in pavement cracks.

preemergentIf your lawn does not receive a pre-emergent application these small seedlings will grow into the ugly plant you may recognize.  To get ahead of crabgrass, Good’s Tree & Lawn Care will be applying the pre-emergent herbicide as soon as we possibly can.  We want the pre-emergent herbicide on the lawn so it has a chance to get watered into the soil where it needs to be, to be effective.   We use the best products available matched with custom blended fertilizers to get extended crabgrass control and give your lawn that professional green look. 

Your technician will also apply a broadleaf herbicide. If your lawn requires it, they may spray your entire lawn.  If you are an existing customer and we have been treating your lawn for a few seasons, the broadleaf weeds may be minimal.  Your technician may spot spray. This reduces the use of herbicides on your lawn but still keeping to our/your standards.