When assessing the health of lawns and trees, our team gets pretty deep. That’s because we know that beautiful trees and lawns can only grow from healthy roots. We start with the basics- soil. When natural soil processes aren’t providing the nutrients and essential elements needed for plant life to thrive, fertilizer may be needed. Fertilization is the act of adding the right nutrients at the right time to promote healthy growth. The benefits of fertilizing are:

  • Increase in essential nutrients in the soil for growth and health.
  • Increase in root growth.
  • Increase in leaf growth.
  • Improved soil conditions.
  • Production of greener and healthier trees and plants.

Once we treat the soil, root management is another way we promote healthy tree growth. Sometimes, the roots of the tree may intertwine and “choke” or “strangle” themselves due to the inability to spread out and cover more ground. This can be easily solved through hand pruning in order to avoid tearing and to release pressure from the roots in order for them to grow.

These basic treatments, provided by Good’s Tree and Lawn Care, are the best way to achieve lush lawns and thriving trees in your little corner of the world.