Regenerative Lawn Care Program

Our Regenerative Lawn Care Program focuses on building healthy soil and turf by weaning your lawn off of chemicals for a gentler lawn care approach.

Throughout the year we will apply 4 treatments containing beneficial bacteria, pre-biotics, and pro-biotics with little to no pesticides. Additional treatments are optional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program 100% Organic?

We will be using fertilizers which are made up of 95%+ organic materials and are coated with OMRI Certified (Organic Materials Review Institute) soil amendments.

Is this program pesticide free?

To achieve the best lawn possible, we will be using conventional herbicide on a limited basis. If you prefer, we can use a natural based herbicide for an additional cost.

Will my lawn be weed free with this program?

You can expect a nearly weed free lawn. By moving away from conventional pesticides, you may experience some breakthrough. Typical weeds that may be harder to control under this program are clover and dandelions, but their emergence should be minimal.

How soon will my lawn be transformed with this new program?

The process of converting your conventional lawn to a Regenerative Lawn is going to take some time. To build the natural soil biology, it will take consistent applications with the prebiotics and probiotics that are a part of this program. You can expect to see improved results in about 2-3 years’ time on average depending on the current condition of your lawn.

Can I opt out of some services provided in this program?

This program has a minimum of four essential visits. We may offer additional treatments depending on the current quality of your soil and to help you achieve your goals for your lawn.

What height should I mow my lawn when using the Regenerative Lawn Care Program?

We recommend mowing at a height of 3.5 to 4 inches. Mowing at this height will reduce weed pressure, water usage, and allow for more carbon to be sequestered in the soil.

Should I collect my grass clippings when using the Regenerative Lawn Care Program?

No, we recommend leaving grass clippings on the ground after mowing. These clippings provide nutrients that
recycle back into turf grass and support good soil health.

When should I water or use my irrigation system?

We recommend watering only when you are seeing signs that your lawn is becoming dormant. A simple test is to walk on it. If the blades of grass do not spring back up as you pass, its likely time to water.

How much can I expect to reduce my water usage?

As your soil biology improves it will become more permeable. Conventional lawn care does not promote soil biology and lacks organic structure making it dense and prone to compaction. One acre of quality grassland has the potential to hold tens of thousands of gallons of water. As your turf and soil develop over time, it will retain more water and can be reduced supplemental irrigation by 25% and up to as high as 75%.

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