Sometimes all you need is the right conversation with the right person.

Our consultations, available to you at an hourly rate, can range from walking your landscape answering questions about your trees and shrubs to developing a long term management plan.

Nature Walk

A nature walk with you in your landscape.

Whether you are new to your home or a longtime resident you may have questions or concerns about the trees and shrubs in your landscape.  Take a walk with one of our seasoned arborists to learn about your property without the pressure of buying services.

Tree Risk Assessments:

Trees carry inherent risk.

Having your trees evaluated by one of our qualified tree risk assessors (a designation developed by the International Society of Arboriculture) can help you identify trees that may be at elevated risk for failure.  A plan will be developed for mitigating, decreasing risk levels.

Project Management and Landscape Assessment Planning:

Guidance and support for your construction project.

Often a construction project; be it residential or commercial, requires input from an arborist during the planning stage (preferably at the design stage). 

The arborists at Good’s Tree Care can provide guidance and support for your planner, engineers, and contractors prior to the start of a project saving you money on your investment. 

Taking precautions to protect your valuable trees can help those trees last for many more years to come.

Tree Preservation Programs for Construction Projects:   Construction around trees can be traumatic.

Good’s Tree and Lawn Care pre-construction consultation is generally designed to protect the plants and document their situation in advance.  Post construction consultations may involve quantifying and mitigate damage that has already occurred.

Management Plan Development:

A management plan involves a complete evaluation of your site or facility.

It takes into consideration all aspects of the landscape including a tree inventory, insect and pest management, soil and root health and maintenance requirements. 

The final results of the plan are presented in booklet form and can be an important management tool for property managers and administrators. 

A management plan can help you systematically care for your trees based on property needs and budgetary constraints over multiple year time frame.

Tree Inventory:   A tree inventory on your property can be a great first step in a long term management program.

The inventory will identify the quality and long-term viability of various trees providing a baseline for planning.  Tree inventories are typically included in a management plan.

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