There are a lot of so-called “facts” about lawn care floating around on the internet. Weeding through them can be the biggest lawn care chore of all! That’s why we’re here to help. These quick facts about lawn care, along with regular maintenance can go a long way in creating a thicker, healthier lawn.

First, fertilizer… The three most beneficial times to fertilize are late spring, late summer, and fall. Applying fertilizer at other times during the year can cause unnecessary stress to your lawn. Yes, you can over-fertilize your lawn.

Second, spraying… Random spraying of herbicides can cause damage to your trees and shrubs and doesn’t address the site conditions which cause weeds to appear.

Third, aerate… Aeration helps reduce soil compaction, aids in the breakdown of thatch, and resolves most soil conditions that encourage weeds.

Four, seeding… Over-seeding your lawn introduces new grass varieties, many of which are disease resistant and more drought tolerant. It also helps thicken your lawn, giving weeds less room to grow.

Five, watering… More than any other maintenance practices, proper watering and mowing improve a lawn’s vigor and appearance. Proper watering encourages deep and extensive root systems, while poor watering practices encourage shallow root systems and a high maintenance lawn.

Six, weeding… Weeds are not indiscriminate vagabonds that appear in a lawn in order to vex homeowners. The appearance of excessive weeds is an indicator of deeper problems within your lawn.

Seven, mowing… Mowing is a brutal action. If mower blades are not sharp, grass blades are bruised and torn instead of cleanly cut. Damage can be minimized by always using a sharpened blade. If you don’t know how to sharpen your mower blade, check your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturing company.

Finally… If you need any help, you can count on our lawn care experts to provide expert advice and reliable services throughout the year. For a “no worries, we got this” all-encompassing plan, check out our Full-Service Program. We give your lawn everything it needs to stay looking good.