In south-central PA, storms are inevitable, often unexpected, and unfortunately destructive. Whether it be a hurricane, thunderstorm, tornado, or snow and ice event, there is a significant risk of damage to the trees on your property if you’re not adequately prepared. Good’s Tree and Lawn Care can help you manage your trees with the goal of lessening the risk of failure that can result in serious injury and damage to property. We’ve come up with some tips that will help you to prepare for the next big storm.

  • Pruning Maintenance Program – Trees that are pruned properly on regular intervals tend to be more resilient against severe weather events.
  • Periodic Tree Evaluations – Having your trees inspected by a ISA certified qualified arborist on a regular basis can help in identifying defective trees or defective tree parts that may elevate a tree’s risk of failure. Better to take schedule tree care operations on your own schedule and not picking them up after a storm.
  • Post Storm Evaluations- The forces generated by storm events can result in damage to trees that may go unnoticed. Such damage can include cracks, broken and hanging branches, partial uprooting, and a range of outcomes related to a lightning strike.

If a tree does fall on your property, make sure that electrical conductors are not involved that could potentially create a hazard. Call 911 to report these conditions.

  • Never touch downed wires, or anything in contact with downed wires.
  • Always assume that lines are energized as well as the ground nearby and other conductive materials such as metal fences.
  • Keep your pets and children away from downed wires.

Contact Good’s Tree and Lawn Care in the event of a tree emergency. Whether it be a minor broken branch or a downed tree, Good’s Tree and Lawn Care is equipped to help with your storm-related tree emergency cleanup.