When it comes to the health of your trees and the safety of your property, proper evaluation is key. Too often, issues that could be easily resolved with proper maintenance and care result in tree death or property destruction when ignored. A tree evaluation from the certified arborists at Good’s Tree and Lawn Care is the best way to assess risk before the damage is done. 

You might be wondering if your tree is likely to fall. In fact, this is the question we’re asked the most. Of course, nature can be unpredictable. Although we can’t tell you for sure what exactly is going to happen to your tree, we can make a good assessment after careful evaluation. We are trained to pinpoint defects in your trees that could potentially lead to damaged branches and/or tree failure. 

During a tree evaluation, we look for 

  • Structural damage, such as cracks, weak branch unions with included bark 
  • Broken branches 
  • Insufficient soil health 
  • Root damage 
  • Symptoms of decay 
  • Dead wood  

Evaluation is beneficial at all stages of tree growth. Young trees may have damage from poor pruning, while older trees are susceptible to decay. There’s no crystal ball to peer into the future for your tree but Good’s Tree and Lawn Care has the next best thing- our highly trained and certified team of experts. Take the first step in caring for your trees and call today for an evaluation.