As evidenced by the barrage of winter weather, including thunder snow, it’s no secret that Central PA has some volatile weather conditions.  Sometimes, we have fair warning of these intense weather events, but often, they crop up out of nowhere and can do serious damage to your trees.  However, there are some simple tips to help mitigate damage in the event of sudden storms and high wind advisories.

There is no guarantee that your trees will make it safely through a storm, but there are specific steps that can be taken over the life of the tree to prevent significant damage. 

  • Pruning Maintenance Programs – Routine pruning helps trees in many different ways, including fostering healthy growth, and ridding the tree of unhealthy branches. One of the main benefits of regular pruning is that the trees are able to grow stronger, and are therefore more resilient to sudden storms
  • Pre-Storm Evaluations – While trees may seem to be a pretty simple thing, they require serious care including periodic inspections by certified an ISA certified professional to assess the health and stability of the tree. An arborist can evaluate the potential damage a storm can do to existing trees and enact a plan to protect against said damage. 
  • After the Storm – Some damage isn’t preventable, and can often lead to serious frustration and major clean-up. Most of the time, this damage is obvious, but in some instances, this isn’t the case.  Storms can do subtle damage to trees that would often go unnoticed to the untrained eye.  Following a major storm event, schedule a meeting with an arborist to take a look at the trees on your property to evaluate their soundness.
  • Downed Wires – In the event of a tree falling on your property, ensure the safety of your family by making sure that there are no electrical wires involved with the fall. If there seems to be downed wires around the fallen tree, contact 911 immediately.  Do not attempt to touch, relocate, or go near these wires.  Once the issue is handled, contact your Good’s Tree Care to remove the trees.

After a storm hits, there is enough clean up to keep the entire household busy, but we can help.  Contact us after the next big one, and make sure everything is ship shape!