One of the oldest and largest trees in Camp Hill Borough limits will be removed due to illness, causing temporary closures and rerouting along North 23rd and Market Streets.

More than 100 years of beauty and history will be removed from Camp Hill Borough today as a giant Sycamore tree comes down near North 23rd and Market streets.

The tree was diagnosed with canker disease that is often age and stress related. Due to the crowding of the sidewalks and pavement, only 35 percent of the tree’s roots were pulling in water and nutrients. For safety reasons, it was deemed necessary to remove the tree and the Camp Hill Borough Shade Tree Commission issued a permit for the work.

This multi-day project, slated to be completed today, is being led by Good’s Tree and Lawn Care. The Camp Hill Police and Camp Hill Borough will close North 23rd Street from Market to Walnut Streets. Flagger Force will assist with traffic control on Market Street to ensure a safe work site.

The tree removal process consists of several specialized trucks, a 20” chipper, and a 110 ton crane. As each limb is cut, it is then hoisted in the air from Market Street to North 23rd Street where the chipper is positioned. The tree is first stripped of its limb before the trunk is cut down and lifted into sections.

PPL has de-energized a high voltage power line that runs directly under the canopy of the tree so work can be completed safely. Residents should not experience any power outages.

“The size of this tree removal really is a team project,” said Arborist Tony Kyler of Good’s Tree and Lawn Care. “We couldn’t have done it without the help of PPL Utilities, Greiner Crane, Flagger Force, Borough Police, Camp Hill Borough Shade Tree Commission and the patient and helpful borough residents.”

The tree resides on the property of 2223 Market Street. The resident plans to preserve the history of the tree by using some of the wood for turning bowls, woodworking on a wood lathe. The rest of the wood will be recycled into wood chips.

Please give us a call if you have any questions 717-564-1995!