With winter’s cool – often inclement – weather, and shortened days, many property owners put their landscape ambitions on the back burner. We know this because our phones stay relatively quiet until the end of March when weekends are warmer, and folks venture outside to soak up the sunshine, take in the spring air, and survey their neglected landscape.

Five Reasons to Have Your Trees Pruned Now

Less Exposure
Pests and diseases of woody plants are more likely to gain access through pruning cuts during the growing season.

Less Stress
Pruning in dormancy is less stressful for trees and they are less likely to exhibit an adverse response.

Shorter Wait Time
Our workload grows quickly with the onset of spring. Take advantage of an expedited service so you can sit back and enjoy your landscape come spring.

Better Visibility
The structure of trees is clearer without leaves making good pruning decisions more obvious.

Less Disturbance
When pruning limbs and hauling them away, it is easier to navigate a property before the landscape beds are freshly mulched and the flowers pop up in spring.

Don’t wait until spring. Call today!