We go deep.

Good’s Tree and Lawn Care gives attention to the complete tree, not just the parts growing above ground. Our certified arborists and plant health care technicians are trained to diagnose, remediate, and treat detrimental conditions that lie beneath the surface. Trees need proper nutrients, minerals, oxygen, planting depth, mulching and water to grow a healthy foundation in which to grow to potential.   We offer the following services to insure proper root health:

Nutrient Management

Proper nutrients provide strong roots, trunks, limbs and branches.

Nutrient Management is the science of understanding the essential elements for growth (soil, weather and hydrology) and the art of applying nutrients designed to boost vitality.   As proper assessment of a tree’s potential for growth will take into account a comprehensive list of factors and how they interact with one another.  An initial soil test gives us detailed information about how to best treat your soil to meet your trees’ needs.

Root Collar Inspection and Excavation

Give your tree some flare! Tree root collars are vulnerable to well-meaning but misguided landscaping practices. Good’s Tree and Lawn Care offers inspection of root collars which can reveal a great deal about the health of a tree; some simple precautions can provide significant long term protection for the tree.

Tree Growth Regulators

Growth regulator will slow down the terminal growth which will allow the tree to redirect the energy toward root growth.  This is a therapeutic treatment for old growth trees and for trees and shrubs that have had root system damage due to site construction.

Proper Mulching

A little goes a long way! We are firm advocates against volcano mulching, a known deterrent to the health of your tree. All landscapes benefit with a two to three inch layer of carefully applied mulch.  It is important to keep the mulch away from the trunk flare of the tree.   The mulch circle size is ideally to the drip line of the tree canopy.


We encourage you to care for your trees with adequate watering. Making sure your soil is moist, but not soggy, will bring your trees the hydration needed to take root and grow strong.  In a drought situation, remember your established trees need water too.